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Items that Should not be Shipped

Are you planning to move? Well, that is certainly a great idea. You may have by this time made all the arrangements. To be more specific, you may by this time contact the movers and the top ranking moving companies? So, what do you plan ahead? You may be feeling reflaxed at this point of time as you have shared your responsibilities with others. But wait hold on…re-think on your decision. Do you think it would be fair on your part to give all the responsibilities to the movers? Do you think that they will be able to pack all the items? Or rather let us put it in this way.

Do you think the it would be safe to carry all the items, I know that you may be having a strong liking for all your items and may not feel like parting with any of them. But think for once, wont it be dangerous to carry all the items with you. Now when I say dangerous, you can as me… “Dangerous…why should my items be dangerous…I have been using them since years and now suddenly you are telling me to throw them away?” Well, please don’t get me wrong for I am telling this for your own benefit. Want to know the reason?

Well, there are a multiple of items that may make your smooth sailing journey extremely hazardous. Hence, in order to retain peace and make your move peaceful, be sure to exclude some of the items. You can certainly purchase them later on after you have moved on to your new destination. In simple words, don’t include in your move anything that is flammable, perishable, corrosive or poisonous. So now that you have obtained a somewhat fair idea about the reasons behind discarding a couple of items before you move onto your new destination, the time has come to check out what these items are. These poisonous, corrosive, perishable or flammable items are as follows:

• Fuels or oils
• Paints or varnishes
• Insecticides
• Liquid bleach
• Perishable goods
• Matches or candles
• Full propane tank and empty propane tank
• Paint thinners
• Aerosol cans
• Cleaning chemicals
• Live Plants
• Pets
• Fire Extinguishers
• Ammunition or Fire Arms
• Lighters
• Firewood
• Pressurized tanks
• Food in jars made of glass

If you are shipping second hand household items you need to certify that these items are have thoroughly checked and approved by the Food and Agriculture department and is free of “ gypsy moth egg masses”. Don’t ship any questionable items.

I hope that after going through this article you may obtained a clear idea about the things that should not be shipped. So be sure to exclude them from your inventory list!

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