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Office Move

Whether it is across the town, hall or state, moving your office smoothly needs immense amount of planning. What I intend to say is that even if you are planning to move to another floor in your existing building, the thought of relocating may take off your nights sleep.

Moving your office, home or business is believed to be one amongst the most stressful events in one’s life. Moreover the thought of losing viable work time may make you feel all the more stressed out. Leaving your present office completely is considered to be the ideal way of managing any relocation. Step aside and allow the movers to continue with their work.
So be sure to start early…maintain a detailed to do list! Till you move your office successfully, your main goal should be in lowering the downtimes as much as you can.

• Plan your move…if it is minor move, then you need to plan ahead where to set up the cubicles, where to wire the Ethernet connections and so on.

• Interview as well as hire movers

• Schedule a timeline for important tasks and to communicate it in a clear way so that everybody is involved.

• Get hold of important insurance quotes and permits for the new destination

• Inspect the new destination and decide the furniture that you need to purchase. Plan a layout for your new office

• As mentioned earlier, plan a layout for the destination and look for electrical
 outlets as well as communication connections that should be installed.

• Inventory the contents of your recent office. Be choosy about what you are moving

• Sell or donate items that you think will not go well with your new office

• Prepare a budget for the additional equipment as well as the furnishings needed

• Be organized in all responsibilities that you take up.

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• Apply for new fax numbers and phone numbers as well as access to the internet. If you are planning to keep your present phone system, ensure hiring an expert for debugging it after the move

• Order updated business cards and letterhead in addition to change of address checks and mailers having new address printed over them.

• Update the web site of the company. Order access cards and keys and be sure to install the security system before you actually move in.

• Double check the office on the final day and see to it that you have not miss out on anything. Ask the employees to prepare a check list of number of boxes that has been packed and needs to be loaded. Next, prefer handing over this list to the moving coordinator.

• Plan a staff orientation for the brand new quarters. Have new telephone numbers ready so that you can assign them at the earliest. Distribute the access cards as soon as possible.

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