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Moving Day Check List

Moving day is a very significant day in a person’s life because it is the day when their week or probably month long preparation is going to bear fruit. This is the day when they are going to actually to move to the new residence or office along with all their belongings and goods. Most of the moving companies provide very efficient service and they hardly commit any mistakes while transporting or delivering your goods to your new location. If you also belong to the group of people who are anxious about their moving day then here are few things that you must include in your moving day checklist:

a) Give a call to your moving company to remind them about sending the transport to your current address on time so that you can get started on schedule. Provide them the address once more for cross checking in order to avoid any last minute confusions.

b) You must already have an inventory list to see if the items are loaded in the order that you prefer. The inventory list also helps you to find out if you are missing out on anything or not. The job of keeping a tab on all the goods that are being moved becomes really easy.

c) The job of the moving company is to load in all your goods in a way that you prefer. Check out the space in the trailer and instruct the company personnel to adjust your goods in a manner that you want to. Most of the moving companies charge you on the basis of the per square foot area that your goods need and this can shoot up if you cannot adjust your goods according to your estimate.
If your goods are being loaded by your hired personnel then it is better to supervise the whole activity as this will save you from any future problems regarding the used space in the trailer.

d) Load the items in the way of their preference of use. The household items that you need for immediate use should either be put at the top or the rear of the load. This would facilitate quick reloading and also you can get the emergency items to be unloaded in the beginning.

e) Do not forget to carry out a last minute check of the cabinets, closets and rooms to see whether you have loaded all the items or not.

f) Take a note of the number of cartons that you are loading as this will help you to keep a track of your goods.

g) It is also very important to get the truck number as well as the other racking numbers to facilitate easy tracking of the movement of your goods. This is most important for long distance or overseas moving.

h) Keep any documents that the moving personnel provide as these would be needed at the time of the delivery. It is best to keep them in a proper file so that you can refer to them in case of any emergency.

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