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10 Questions to Ask the Mover

Interviewing the movers is an essential but at the same time a time consuming process. However, the process can be simplified if you narrow down your questions to the below mentioned ones:

• Are you insured and licensed? Avoid appointing those movers who give a negative reply.

• Will you be able to give an elaborate estimate after taking into consideration the fees as well? Here, too you need to choose movers who give an affirmative answer. Be sure tell the moving service companies well in advance that you wont be paying any add on fees later and be sure to write down all the price quotes in pen and paper before you load the items.

• Do you involve sub-contractors? Are they insured and licensed? If yes, then take down from them the names of the sub-contracting companies.

• Will the move include any transfers? If so, then make sure that the moving company doesn’t charge you an extra amount for this purpose.

• Do you provide insurance? Evaluate the insurance thoroughly to check whether it would be good to go for it or not. Make sure that the coverage and claims is clear to you.

• How much do you charge for packing? Almost all moving companies charge by taking into consideration the weight of the items. Be sure to pack your items carefully if the moving companies don’t provide any insurance coverage.

• Do you provide storage? Almost all major moving companies have their personal warehouses. Be sure that these warehouses are climate controlled, particularly if you are planning to move into a humid area. If needed, visit the warehouse before you move.

• Can you offer references? A majority of moving companies can offer positive references from past clients. If they don’t, move on and look for other moving companies.

• How can complaints be managed? Do you possess an outstanding complaint at this point of time? The bigger moving companies in general keep statistical records associated with the complaints and will offer them if you ask them to do so.

• Can you adjust with the dates? The earlier you tell them to give the dates, the more are your chances of getting the preferred dates. In general movers are a bit busy during the month of June as well as July. Do it would be advisable on your part not to contact them during these months. If you do so, you have to pay them more as it is their peak season.

You can avoid a number of problems if you communicate with the movers well in advance. Make sure that the person, whom you will be asking the aforementioned questions, has the power to give answers to your queries. If you aren’t satisfied with the interview feel free to look for other movers.

If you look forward to compare the quotes of various companies be sure to fill a free quote online. Check out our website for more information.